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When you're looking for a dehydrated placental allograft wound covering that offers convenience without compromise, give your patients NuShield®.

Note: NuShield is a wound covering that retains all layers of the amnion/chorion membrane.1,2 Why NuShield?

Not all placental allografts are created equal

Preservation methods vary among placental allografts and affect the final product characteristics.3

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The Nu Difference Solution

Complete layers set NuShield apart

NuShield is a shelf-stable, dehydrated placental allograft wound covering that retains all layers of the placental membrane.2,4

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The most complete dehydrated placental allograft wound covering

NuShield uses the novel preservation method LayerLoc to retain all native layers and help create a favorable environment for healing.2,4

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Not all dehydrated placental allograft wound coverings are good as Nu

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The Nu Versatility Results

For any wound, from head to toe

NuShield can be used with flexibility for various wound types from head to toe.5

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Real-world evidence

NuShield was used to treat real-world patients in a retrospective case series.6

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